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The Bosurgi Method VR uses cutting edge Virtual Reality - immersive technology merged with clinical hypnosis and ancient deep meditation techniques as a delivery for Bosurgi's proprietary therapeutic program.
They tried it, they loved it, they talk about it! 
“I not only would recommend this to everyone, I have recommended it to everyone.” ~ David Walton - Actor
The Bosurgi Method VR is NOT a Virtual Reality game, hypnotic placebo or meditation!  It's a highly effective VR therapy that can be done anywhere, anytime.
You can order today with this exclusive offer,
the 20 sessions Bosurgi Method VR therapeutic programs for only
$137 (MSRP $299)
(30 Days No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.)
or 3 monthly payments of
(30 Days No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.)
"Traditional therapies, drugs, meditation and spiritual practices are helping us to cope, but… do we really want to cope? Or should we focus on clearing Anxiety, Fear, Addiction and Depression from the root?" Luca Bosurgi
The Bosurgi Method® therapeutic program focuses on the emotional root-causes of anxiety and poor performance. It is based on pioneering knowledge about the mind, which overrides the traditional approach and offers natural and fast solutions able to grant permanent results.
“I found the Bosurgi Method and now I have a life!” ~ Blaine Dhale - Producer
Too fast, too affordable and too good to be true? That's how a disruptive product feels like! You can try at no risk 100% money back guarantee!
“It's simple, it's easy, it's cost-effective” ~ Ivan Klarich - MFL president
"My method is affordable, fast and effective and... works! It has already granted efficient and happy lives to thousands. Don’t let yourself and your loved ones down, order it today, you will not regret it! " - Luca Bosurgi
You can order today with this exclusive offer,
the 20 sessions Bosurgi Method VR therapeutic programs for only
$137 (MSRP $299)
or 3 monthly payments of
This price does NOT includes VR goggles, but several models are available on Amazon.  Here are some that have worked well for other customers: Pasonomi® VR $23.99 or DAWAY 360VR $39.99 - includes headphones
This special offer includes
Access to the 20 Bosurgi Method VR Sessions.
The  Mind Fitness VR Mobile Application (iPhone 5s+ or Android 4+)
30 Days No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.
24/7 Email support team
  • •  An in-home therapeutic program that can be done anywhere, anytime.
  • •  A  fully immersive environment shaped through virtual reality and deep meditations
  • •  Delivered through a Mobile App download - available from the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • •  Fast results - Under 3 Weeks.
  • •  Affordable and Accessible.
  • •  Targets the root cause of anxiety, fear, addiction & depression - improving performance, confidence, relationships & happiness.
  • •  Providing Consistent Results - significantly more effective then traditional therapy alone.
  • •  Relaxing, Enjoyable and Virtually Effortless.
  • •  Completely Safe - Emotionally and Financially.
  • •  Powerful addition to all of today's' therapeutic approaches and emotional wellness programs, or can be used self-standing.
"If you will need help with the program, my team and I are ready to answer your questions and committed to help you gaining the full benefits offered by the VR therapy. If after the 20 sessions you don't achieved these results, you get your money back, no questions asked!" - Luca Bosurgi
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The 20 sessions Bosurgi Method VR program
1-4 Sessions : Release of Anxiety and Fear
The first 4 sessions ease your mind into the Bosurgi Method program while helping your mind release unwanted anxiety and fear. This vital initial step aims to reduce the inefficient activity of your brain, freeing brainpower required to progress with the therapy.

 5-10 Sessions: Releasing Dependency Behaviors  
Sessions 5 to 10 helps your mind accept and embrace what is natural and long past-due, emotional self-reliance. This is the primary aim of the therapy; we noticed substantial changes in most users during or immediately after this group of sessions.

11-14 Sessions : Building a Framework for Self-Reliance
These sessions capitalize on the minds new-found willingness to establish and enhance emotional independence. These sessions are critical in creating the framework for all your new self-reliant behaviors - these are then developed and refined in the next months and years through your daily experiences

15-16 Sessions : Release Self-judgment, Shame, Guilt & Regret - Self-forgiveness.
17-18  Sessions: Release Judgment, Blame, Resentment, Anger & Pain and Forgive others.
The sessions 15-18 focus on the successful processing of you’re past experiences, removing negative emotional attachments associated to yourself and to others. This process frees furthermore misused brainpower and enhances your relationship with yourself and with the relevant people of your past.

19-20 Sessions : Release anxiety and fears
The last 2 sessions complete the therapy where it started, with the release of lingering unwanted anxiety and fear – finalizing the course .
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